What People Say About Susanne Marie

‘Susanne’s course was a deeply nourishing and transformative experience with hints of mysticism sprinkled throughout. The powerful group cohesion created a relational field in which deep feeling, healing and exploration unfolded. I found myself landing deeper in my being into unknown places that have never been inhabited and connected to what’s unchanging within myself. Susanna’s embodiment of truth, integrity and heart serves as a deep catalyst for profound growth to all whom it touches.’
~ Katherine Hand, Seattle

‘This course with Susanne has awakened in me greater wonder and a much deeper appreciation of my own existence, and the existence of life all around me. Susanne is a unique force… insightful, clear, loving, true to her own experience of life without any embellishments. Her transmission is strong and immaculate. I highly recommend her courses.’
~ Noona Oriley, Crestone

‘I came across Susanne after awakening. She has been one of the main guides and a source of grace in my life, guiding me through the terrain of awakened living into deeper and deeper states of realisation. I have come across only a few beings who are such a pure loving embodiment of grace. Her approach has been gentle and paced, intuiting where I am at along the journey and guiding me into the next stage. I am forever grateful for having her in my life’.
~ Matt Nettleton, Australia

‘I had been keeping my antennae up for someone who can mentor and support me in the embodiment of realization/awakening. I knew she was my mentor when I listened to her talks and interviews. What struck me was her personal story as well as her teachings. I care about the person’s path and how they came to awaken; their experiences, their personal wiring. In Susanne I find a trusted, fellow mystic who gets me and offers her gentle, wise, and warm insight where needed while completely holding a space for wherever I’m at in any given moment. She is a treasure.’
~ Sarah T., California

‘I am so grateful to have found Susanne. She’s able to meet me where I am in such a profound way. Somehow just being in her presence widens my field of awareness. Her wise, strong, and kind energy creates an environment that is simultaneously ripe for healing and realization, for rest and insight. It’s pretty amazing how quickly she ‘gets’ whatever I’m trying to express. Truly a beautiful being and a teacher with integrity.’
~ Esther Aronson, California

‘As an energy healer myself I feel blessed to have the opportunity to receive healing sessions from Susanne. I feel very supported by her healing work. It’s like a clear lens of consciousness joining in with my own, a deep mirroring as well as an active healing facilitation/invitation from a gifted healing consciousness, that I can relax into and allow. I feel her healing addresses my physical, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously. There is a clearing effect, a letting go of old patterns and a dissipation of density, as well as a deepening of rootedness into the larger aspect of my being, and a more substantial feeling of integration and presence energetically. Overall the result feels like a true growth in the sense of evolution, and much welcomed integration.’
~Amy  (subtle energy healer & yuan qigong teacher)

‘What sets Susanne apart as a teacher is the depth to which she embodies, welcomes and celebrates all of her humanity as Divinity and  then shares this so freely and lovingly with others. She deeply lives out the intuitive wisdom and loving embrace of the divine feminine in a gentle and unassuming manner. In her presence one can begin to feel all the old inner divisions, conflicts and tensions fall away so that the divinity of what is here already, embracing and loving all, can be clearly seen and felt. If you are looking for a teacher to guide you back into the heart of your own living being in an open, simple, and compassionate manner that I can think of none better than Susanne Marie.
~ Stacey Cross, Australia

‘I have been very fortunate to have both mentoring and grace healing sessions with Susanne Marie. She seems to have an extra intuitive ability to see the unliberated parts of yourself and helps you to meet these parts in a loving and accepting way. Susanne’s sessions are for people who have a deep interest in truth and fell drawn to a more heart-centred approach, which ultimately with Susanne, is a powerful transmission of grace! I’m very grateful for this grace and the repercussions it’s having on my life.’
~ Katie Booler, Australia

‘I have been wanting to express my experience of Susanne’s Grace Healing sessions. It has taken a while to emerge into words, because the healing for me has worked in subtle layers. Yet the experience has been profound. Prior to the sessions, I had found myself in a long period of what is often called a dark night of the soul. While at a certain level I could embrace the darkness, depression and inability to function, it had been extending for years. It really felt like time to move through the stuckness. I received three sessions, and three were needed. The first was like a calibration, the second a preparing of the ground, the third a kind of return. I now see that the healing marked a point of emergence, a regathering of the indefinable substance that has allowed me to move forwards with a new kind of life force. I had limited awareness of what was happening during the sessions, apart from Susanne relaying her experiences. My own connection to them came from dreams following each session, which conveyed symbolically what was happening. I receive these sessions from Susanne as a precious gift, and with thanks and gratitude.’
~ Michael, California

‘The healings I have received from Susanne Marie continuously during a few months time has been very helpful for me after working with trauma in psychotherapy. It has helped me to integrate, let go and move on in Life. It gave me courage and a lot of nourishment on many levels. It is very powerful, the healing. It feels like being in bright sunshine filled with love and trust. My heart is overflowing with gratitude, thank you so much Susanne.’
~ Eva-Lotta Runfors, Sweden

‘Susanne’s healing sessions are authentic love meeting itself. They allow a deep healing to take place bringing the forgotten aspects of ourselves back into full acceptance. It is a profound gift of divine Grace to anyone that receives this healing support. I have been truly blessed by these sessions and am so grateful for the level of authenticity & love that Susanne continually moves from.’
~ Kimberlie, Founder of Conscious Living Jewel

‘The first time I met Susanne, I was struck by a wall of energy when I entered the room she was in. She stood amongst other people, but when she turned to look at me, there was an instant recognition experience, not unlike a Deja Vu on an energetic level. I felt a direct transmission of her overflowing radiance of Love, beauty, and Grace. The inner doorway opened wider. Susanne guides Satsang in a unique and powerful way. While many teachers point from a traditional role as teacher, Susanne comes amongst us and points from the place of a long lost, best friend. How much more open to receiving higher Truths, than to learn through a relationship of natural intimacy and trust?’
~ Danny Cordova, Seattle

‘Susanne Marie radiates love. She brings the best out of me and I leave her sessions feeling expanded and loving. Being totally present happens naturally in her presence. She listens deeply without interruption or judgment. She points me in a clear direction when faced with a dilemma and my trust in her is absolute due to her honesty and unpretentious nature. When relating with Susanne I connect with someone of great spiritual depth and wisdom. One of the benefits of having Susanne as a mentor is she draws you into your own deepness.’
~ Peter, Canada

‘Susanne Marie is a hidden gem. Not to you, because you’ve found her website. But to the many people trying to sort through the plethora of contemporary spiritual teachers to find one who is deeply realized, unpretentious, well-integrated, empathetic, and accessible. I hope more of them find her. Unlike actual gems, that won’t diminish her value. It will just spread the light, love, and wisdom which she has so genuinely uncovered within herself, which is why I started Buddha at the Gas Pump in the first place. I am often asked who I recommend, among all the people I’ve interviewed. I usually say that there are many wonderful people, and you should go with those with whom you feel an affinity, but then I mention a few who have become good friends. Susanne Marie is high on that short list.’
~ Rick Archer, Buddha at the Gas Pump

‘Susanna is not only a spiritual teacher but also a true healer. I have been working with Susanna for almost a year now and I has been a period of deep healing and transformation. She is able to connect and communicate on many levels and she does so with absolute care, softness and compassion. I honor her work and the loving environment she provides is both consoling and nurturing.

Susanna speaks her truth with humbleness and respect. She does not force her teaching or opinion in anyway and she is always willing to listen and give space for clarity and healing. I believe the world is in need for the feminine wisdom to arise and be part of our growth and evolution and Susanna offers that with absolute tenderness and loving-kindness.’
~ Ray, Australia

‘Susanne came to my town as a guest speaker one Sunday afternoon. I had been to many talks with guest speakers through the years. But something about Susanne was different. I reached out to her and she became my mentor during my darkest hours. I felt constant anxiety, was depressed and couldn’t sleep. I found myself not eating and lost much weight. The doctors prescribed antidepressant medication and every sleep aid under the sun. None of it helped. I had no idea what was happening. I took her advice as she helped direct me to a path of healing. Slowly I was getting better. Then Susanne offered grace healing. There was much pain and trauma in my life and in my ancestral lineage. Grace healing was GRACE healing.  I noticed relief rather quickly. At first I did not think the grace healing was going to work because I suffered still anxiety and depression. I felt my mind wasn’t going to let me heal as I created such a groove of negativity. But I believed in Susanne and her gift(s). I wasn’t discouraged when after the first session or two I hadn’t felt much relief.  She was my only hope and I wasn’t going to give up. It was the third session I felt as if something had lifted. Then the next session was still more relief. Then I realized my negativity has ceased. And I no longer have anxiety or am no longer depressed. I have abiding calmness and peace. I feel like I am normal and it had been so long that I didn’t know how good normal could feel. I have found myself laughing again. AND, I have not taken any sleep aids since my fourth session! I dare say I will be one of the toughest cases Susanne will receive. Thank you Susanne for not giving up on me. And thank you for helping me. You have given me my life back.’
~ Angela Callahan, Binghamton, NY

‘As I teetered on the edge of the abyss of being, I experienced a mounting fear that if I jumped I would dissolve and be annihilated; I would not be able to take care of my family and responsibilities. Susanne Marie was able to break away in large chunks a karmic imprint that was stubbornly clinging on. The fear was released, never to return. My Healing Sessions with Susanne have profoundly changed my life with Grace. She is a powerful healer who is gentle and loving and direct.’
~ Claudia, Vermont

‘There are over 300 spiritual teachers that have been brilliantly interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump over the last few years. And out of all of them, I felt drawn to seek out Susanne as she has an especially real, natural and down-to-earth way of expressing all that she has experienced, and the obvious wisdom that has come from such a journey. My first mentoring session with Susanne confirmed the down-to-earth nature but also revealed a warm, perceptive, and refreshingly good-humoured lady. When the session was over I walked away feeling deeply comforted on so many levels that words can’t possibly explain. If you need assistance on your spiritual adventure, then I would find it hard to recommend someone more highly than Susanne.’
~ Eoin Glynn, Ireland

‘Susanne Marie’s guidance has profoundly impacted me. She intuitively responds to my situation at any given time, knowing precisely where I am even before I can consciously acknowledge it to myself. Her wisdom, loving kindness, and gentle pointers have opened doors and windows I hadn’t thought possible. I can’t say enough good about her methods and manner whether in a group setting or one-on-one. She is the real deal.’
~ Laurie Woodum, California

‘Susanne’s work is amazingly potent. She resides in a space of immense depth and clarity. From that view she is able to help illuminate what is not fully seen. Her intuition is laser sharp and accurate as she skillfully, compassionately, supports deepening into truth and freedom. Her presence offers an embrace of unconditional love and safety. Susanne is the Divine Feminine embodied both in her gentleness and her strength.’
~ Karen McFee, Canada, Living Now

‘My experience of Susanne Marie is of a truly authentic spiritual teacher. She is a tremendously skilled communicator- ‘speaking’ to both your heart as well as your head. She is a kind and powerful guide and I feel privileged to have received her guidance.’
~ Sarah Smith, UK

‘I have been deeply impacted by my mentoring sessions with Susanne. She has the wisdom & insight to know just what it is that you need at the time & is able to provide you with the practical tools that you can apply to your every day life. I feel truly blessed by her beautiful Presence & would highly recommend her as a spiritual mentor.’
~ Kimberlie, Australia

‘Susanne Marie is like a breath of fresh air among spiritual teachers. Many present clear pointers, but Susanne has the ability to make one feel comfortable with what she presents. She has great empathy and tunes into where the questioner stands within them self. Her answers and pointers resonate within and help clear the way for the discovery of truth. Her friendliness and ability to empathize gives one the feeling that they are conversing with an old friend. She does not hold herself as superior, so one feels they are interacting with the girl next door, rather than with someone who does not know life as they have experienced it. One feels at ease in her presence. She likes to meet in sacred mutuality, where one discovers truth within ones self, rather than from outside. She comes cross as quite ordinary, despite the depth of her realization. One has the feeling that they can share anything of their own inner landscape and have it received and responded to without judgement.’
~ Ted Anderson, California

‘I received such great benefit, clarity, and deepening of understanding of myself and how I relate to the world during Susanne’s woman’s group. I felt heard and seen by my sisters from around the world, and that in itself was powerful and much needed. Susanne not only has the great gift of empathy, but it is kicked up a notch by her ability to truly sense what your experience is in such a loving and nonjudgmental way as she guides you with grace and wisdom.’
~ Rachel Toczko, Peru

‘Within our conversations, and through her constancy, Susanne directs me on my path to coming to to know my-self. Always unveiling the truth that my misunderstandings lie in looking at the story, rather than actually living my own real immediate interior life. And that is where the safety, the honor, and the beauty of life lies. Susanne gives me reminders and a very safe place to practice being with my-self through the dark times and also the times of ease and relief. I can now say that I am more often trusting my life to be my teacher, and the earth to be my mother. All my blessings.’
Gretchen Seifert, Missouri

‘I met Susanne Marie, first heard about her, through a post on Dami Kirk’s Facebook page. He quoted her Facebook page and so I followed her there and read everything she had to say there. Then I watched all of her videos. I then read everything on her website. I then called to see about setting up sessions to speak in person. All I can say is, her words are like cool, clean, clear water falling over me: Her written word, her spoken word, her face-to-face speaking. Susanne Marie said it in our very first meeting that she meets a person where they are. I couldn’t have felt more profoundly respected and honored. It also allowed me to respect and honor where I was, which was a really vulnerable place. There was no rush to get out of there, there was no need to wallow in it, she just met me where I was and continues to be true to her word. My marriage is now on the path toward lifelong love, respect, honor, joy and fun. My child is now being raised by a woman who is more aware, which only welcomes in more light, learning, love and laughter in anyone’s life. I am more comfortable with myself. Which is more than I ever ever could’ve asked for. Every day I am grateful for the friend who introduced me to Dami Kirk, nearly 30 years ago, because that meeting led me to a mother, like myself, I so needed to find at this point in my life. Every day I’m grateful for having met Susanne Marie.’
~ Marian, New Jersey

‘Susanne has a gift of deep listening. In her Presence online I’ve found that I can safely pursue avenues and questions regarding my spiritual life. With gentle pointers from her I’ve found clarity and glimpses of my own Awakened state. This has allowed me new perspective and ‘tools’ to live a holistic life. I heartily recommend Susanne to anyone interested in getting out of the usual ego-driven paradigm into increased Freedom.’
~ Joseph Brennan, Arizona

‘I’ve listened to many people over the years, watched numerous videos, and I can, from a very authentic
place, say Susanne is amazing at hitting the mark and enabling. Her style is unique, loving, caring and boy
does she listen so well. How the sense of the veil falling away has come about for myself is wonderful. A way of self expression has been released that can be challenging for people and has me writing prose and dancing with words, being genuine in releasing from the moment’.
~ Shar-Ka-Tana, United Kingdom

‘I’ve been part of Susanne Marie’s online sangha for a couple of years now and while I’m grateful for the insight and the community of like-minded seekers, I’m always amazed by the distinct energetic transmission through the cyber community as well as a lingering alchemical transformation. I feel deeply blessed for the opportunity to imbibe her teachings.’
~ Paul McDonald, Kentucky

‘Susanne Marie is the most helpful teacher I have ever worked with. Her ability for “deep listening” and “deep seeing” is uncanny. I have been working with Susanne for several months now, and I don’t know how she does it! She just seems to know what is needed in the moment. My life is deeper, richer, happier and freer since meeting her. I am deeply grateful to her and I highly, highly recommend her.’
~ Timothy Dismang, California

‘I am deeply grateful to have connected with Susanne Marie. I was feeling moved to work with a teacher/guide for some time and when I saw her link, I felt an immediate resonance. After I booked my first mentoring session, I found and watched her interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump, and I felt even more assured with my decision to work with her after watching, and ultimately after our first meeting. There is no ‘agenda’ beyond simple truth and perception in the moment, and I was/am relieved to have found that! She has a very spacious, clear and humble way about her. I feel fortunate to have found this type of guide/mentor so close…I drive an hour each way, and for me, our session begins when I’m in the car, if that makes any sense…my energy starts to shift, my questions begin to clarify… If Life has brought you to reading these words, I say trust it. I’m glad I did. You will be met with a deeply loving and peaceful presence, where all is welcomed… I share this in Gratitude to Truth.’
~ Tricia Allenson, California

‘Susanne Marie is a great lover of the Truth, and her deep devotion and intuitive teaching are reflections of the embodiment of this Truth. In her presence you taste the humor, love and deep caring needed to support the realization and emergence of the divine embrace that you are. In co-teaching with her, I have experienced her teaching as quiet and gentle, yet filled with an intimate, intuitive, palpably powerful presence…an approach that awakens the wonders of deep insight and transformation in a simple and profound way…allowing grace to do its work through human form. Susanne Marie embodies transformative presence in all aspects of her life…parenting, spiritual teaching, friendship, and is a reminder and manifestation of the timeless joys of deep openness and love inherent in the pure consciousness of Heart.’
~ Larry Melton, Spiritual Teacher in the direct lineage of Adyashanti

‘Sometimes it is simply a person’s demeanor that allows one insight, as being in the presence of the open sea allows one an experience of the vastness of the world we live in. Susanne Marie allows for this opening. She has the capacity to help drop the close constriction of fear and doubt and open us to the world beyond our mind.’
~ Vince, California

‘Susanne’s presence is soothing, her insightful truth penetrating, her work transformational. If you want to soften into the next delightful step, treat yourself to a mentoring session with Susanne. You will come away with some radical new way to look at things that will shift everything. I know I can’t wait for my next session.’
~ Sonika Tinker, MSW, Relationship Expert, Founder of LoveWorks, California

‘Susanne’s clear intuition helped me to see my current life circumstances (and health challenges) from a totally new perspective. This new knowing was not just mental, but something deep inside me really ‘got it.’ Everything in my life changed and continues to change (for the better) as a result of this. Susanne has a real gift for combining spiritual insights with practical application. I am so grateful to be working with her and highly recommend her services.’
~ DeAnna, B.C. Canada

‘Susanne Marie’s gentle and compassionate style gives people the opportunity to recognize the truth of their own being in simple and clear ways.’
~ Peter Russell, Author, Teacher, and Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

‘Susanne Marie held me in her facilitation with such deep presence and guidance that I felt safe enough to revisit a painful past experience. There I discovered a renewed peace in something I had held so much fear around. I am eternally grateful. I so love that we have her in our community and all the lives that I imagine she will touch with her healing presence.’
~ Colleen Ericson, Conflict Resolution Specialist and Certified in The Work of Byron Katie, California

‘The most accurate way to describe my experience with Susanne is to say that it has been just Right There! She holds the space so naturally and comfortably that she allows me to explore whatever “tightness” may arise and at the same time I comfortably look at it and just let it proceed naturally. There is not any work involved, nor is there not, not any work involved. She merely encourages my own unique process in a deep, kind and loving way.’
~Bill Sortino, Santa Fe

‘I enjoy Susanne Marie’s satsangs very much, in part because of their informal nature. She allows a lot of space for those who are present to share their own experiences and understandings and to dialogue with her or ask her questions. When she shares her insights they come from a true awareness of non-dual truths, based on direct experience, with no ego or pretension whatsoever. I also appreciate that she is very accessible, which is, understandably, not so much the case with those spiritual guides who are more known and sought after.’
~ Bill Drake, California

‘At first it was just Susanne’s photo on FB: a genuine and luminous smile. Then it was her writings on her website. Then it was those touching samples of her life story and condition. Then it was most natural and spontaneous to ask her for a talk. From then on, Susanne is a constant presence for me, reminding me of simplicity and openness with the freshness and purity of her approach. Transformation through presence is exactly what she lives, means and passes on to us all.’
~ Pema Shan, Italy

‘Susanne Marie is a loving help in dismantling my fantasies about being a someone (a me) on a wonderful spiritual path (goal). I love being with her.’
~ Niels Jørgen Larsen, Denmark

‘Working with Susanne has just been so easy. Questions are greeted with gentle understanding, and answers come from genuine Knowing. The inner world is subtle, and yet Susanne connects with those lost threads. I feel very fortunate to have made this connection.’
~ Scott, Australia

‘I first heard of Susanne Marie on YouTube. I had no questions but had the urge to talk, to see what happened if I was face to face with her. I found a warm loving person whom I seemed to know on my computer screen and through our conversations of simple, clear, direct, warm, loving words, an unconscious decision I’d made when very young shifted and I saw its effect and could let it go. I recommend speaking with Susanne Marie as her presence is unconditional love and the words spoken are helpful, powerful and true.’
~ Lynda Robinson, Australia

‘I first met Susanne Marie informally, at a local café for tea, shortly after seeing her interview-video with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump. Being on the path of self-discovery, I asked Susanne for an appointment. We met in the coming days and talked privately for well over an hour and a half. Susanne is a good listener, and when she spoke to me, she spoke calmly, intuitively and directly from the heart. She was able to uncover areas of resistance in me that were so subtle, yet unseen, seemingly penetrating my very soul. I was able to literally feel the lights inside turn on. Susanne appeared so genuine, almost matter of fact, whereas I was moved to a state of awe. I am indeed indebted, and so very grateful for having met Susanne Marie.’
~ Frank Johnson, California