Evolution Course: Your Relationship With Life

You are warmly invited to join Susanne Marie for a four-week, evolution-themed course whose weekly meetings will focus on topics vital to helping support our spiritual growth and human potential during this time of uncertainty, providing the opportunity to evolve, remember, & harmonize.

Together we will explore what it means to feel our interconnection with nature and with one another, as well as look at what beliefs we hold that covers over our innate Oneness. There will be a focus on our capacity for compassionate communication, as well as action in the world, as our relationship with life includes our humanity. Life is asking us to rise to the occasion of growing out of self-centeredness, and learning how to include others as well as the Earth’s needs. We have much more human growth potential available to us!

In order to be of service to life, it is vitally important to establish a state of harmony within the body, as the outer reflects what we contain inside, (including what we are holding that is unconscious and unprocessed within). The world is a mirror and clearly reflects our collective state of consciousness. “As within, so without,” is a law of nature.

Dates & Times (all times are in Pacific time zone):
Sunday, July 10th, 2022, 10am-12pm PT
Sunday, July 17th, 2022, 10am-12pm PT
Sunday, July 24th, 2022, 10am-12pm PT
Sunday, July 31st, 2022, 10am-12pm PT

A few words from previous Evolution Course participants:

Susanne’s course was a deeply nourishing and transformative experience with hints of mysticism sprinkled throughout. The powerful group cohesion created a relational field in which deep feeling, healing and exploration unfolded. I found myself landing deeper in my being into unknown places that have never been inhabited and connected to what’s unchanging within myself. Susanna’s embodiment of truth, integrity and heart serves as a deep catalyst for profound growth to all whom it touches.
-Katherine Hand, Seattle

This course with Susanne has awakened in me greater wonder and a much deeper appreciation of my own existence, and the existence of life all around me. Susanne is a unique force… insightful, clear, loving, true to her own experience of life without any embellishments. Her transmission is strong and immaculate. I highly recommend her courses.
-Noona Oriley, Crestone

Evolution Course Outline:

* In most weekly meetings, Susanne will lead a guided meditation focusing on the topic at hand.
* There will be time at the end of each meeting for a few questions and dialog with Susanne.
* Suggested contemplations for the week will be given at the end of each session.
* For those interested, I will team you up with a listening buddy to privately meet weekly online (I will explain what this is).
* A one-hour private online mentoring session w/ Susanne will be available at a 20% discounted rate.
* A free edited recording of the full course (for your use only), following the completion of the course.
* A recording of a meeting missed, following the meeting.

Course Tuition:
(Sliding scale): $160.00-$250.00 (based on income). You can pay using the ‘one time’ donation button found in the left hand column of this website. Once you have paid, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the course.
Thank you in advance!

~ Payment is based on one’s income, and is sliding scale. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you have need of more of a sliding scale, please send Susanne a message using her contact form.   

*A free audio of the course will be sent to every participant.

This course is offered on a sliding scale based on your true income (this includes savings and retirement). Since many of us (myself included), are being affected by the current economy, I wish to offer this option for those who truly need it. If you have need of a sliding scale, please write and let me know your situation as I wish to offer this course to all who are sincerely interested.

~ Contact Lila at: susannemariecourse@gmail.com 
For more information and scholarship assistance. 

Scholarship Fund Donations: I want everyone inspired to take this course to be able to do so. During this time of financial uncertainty, some might find this challenging. If you have the means to contribute to a scholarship fund for those otherwise unable to enroll, please contact me.

* This is the third (and last), Evolution-themed course being offered. The first and second courses are available for purchase on Susanne’s website under Premium Audio