The Great Undoing Retreat 2023

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  • The Great Undoing Retreat 2023

    Over 10 hours (7 Sessions)
    Cost: $115.00

    Join Susanne Marie and a group of earnest, dedicated spiritual practitioners as they take a deep dive into the heart of the simple, direct and ever-present truth that Susanne makes accessible in a clear and unencumbered manner. This course took place at Vajra Vidya Retreat Centre: May 2023. Throughout the course of her 7-day retreat, presented in over 10 hours of audio content, Susanne touches on a range of topics relevant to embodied and integrated awakening.

    Susanne’s simple and precise method of teaching allows one to be honest to where they find themselves and illuminates the path to a more free and natural way of experiencing life. Using direct pointings and somatic and guided meditations, one will explore through direct experience, the spacious quality-less presence of formless awareness, its silent presence both within and without the body, as well as the significance of being human and the challenges it
    presents. With Susanne’s gentle guidance one will be invited to open to the freedom and wisdom of the eternally whole and unconditioned heart.

    Through compassionate instruction, Susanne assists in the process of discovering the obscurations to recognition and bringing all parts of oneself back to wholeness. She encourages the inclusion and honoring of our humanity as well as emphasizing the auspicious opportunity inherent in it. The invitation to discover and abide as one’s true nature is made clear and accessible as well as the practical application of living as that in daily life.

    Susanne’s teachings are an invitation to experience the natural fulfilment and abiding simplicity of one’s self; the contact to which that uncovers the love, peace and joy that is our birthright.

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