Living Non-Duality

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    Living Non-Duality

    At the heart of all the great religious and spiritual (including earth-based), traditions, lies essential truth. Which is that we are one with all life, indivisibly united with everything in existence.

    In Christianity it is said, ‘I and my Father are one’. That is, the substance of our self (and all others), and the ultimate reality of the universe are the same.

    And in Buddhism, ‘Samsara and Nirvana are one’, meaning that there is in truth no difference between form and the formless, between spirit and matter.

    Remembering this fact, is what the heart of spirituality is about, bringing about a deep intimacy with all that arises within one’s body, mind, and life. This opens one up to being at peace with mystery and ambiguity, as the understanding of inner division falls away, leading to a felt sense of interconnection with our fellow human beings, as well as our great Earth.

    Living non-dual reality (the truth of existence), is the topic of this meeting, as we open to the notion of oneness and apply it in an integrated way into the core of one’s life, opening one up to a new perspective which can be life-changing.

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