Evolution Course #1: What is Life Asking of us?

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  • Evolution Course #1: What is Life Asking of Us?

    16 hour audio course (8 sessions).
    Cost: $125.00

    An eight-week, evolution-themed course focusing on five topics vital to helping support our growth and deepening during this time of uncertainty:

    ~ Wakefulness: Accessing and stabilizing connection to the still and timeless reality of your Being in order to support abiding freedom in the midst of all circumstances.

    ~ Heart-fullness: Connecting and deepening within the unconditional nature of your heart.

    ~ Openness: Allowing for change to occur – the shifting and dismantling of identity.

    ~ Harmonization: The deep listening it takes to re-organize yourself in relation to life; learning how to develop inner harmony, which will translate into outer harmony for the whole.

    ~ Remembrance: Moving Beyond Me/Mine: Moving beyond the illusion and pain that separation causes. This is the evolutionary call of the times, direly needed for our survival as well as the continuance of many species.

    These five themes are especially useful during a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty offers an opportunity to go deeper into oneself, accessing the timeless reality which is stable and constant. This is a time to invite the fruition of your spiritual practice to come forward. If you do not make the inner decision to live from what you know to be true, fear and anxiety can consume you.

    The current invitation from life is to allow the process of dismantling identity (how we define ourselves), and let go of what no longer serves you and others – this includes the illusion of control. This is ultimately for the good of the whole, as the way we are currently living is not sustainable. Life is asking us to rise to the occasion and change.

    ~ The course comes with contemplation exercises, which follow each session and are available in a PDF for download when you complete your purchase. If you do not see this file to download, send an email to: susannemariecourse@gmail.com

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