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  • Embracing Shadow

    It is important to realize that true maturation of spirituality must include the willingness to see and embrace our unconscious shadow, both our own and the collective. Just as a ship listing to port will go in circles, so will our own evolution unless we open ourselves up to include all aspects of life. If you look around you will see that the world is comprised of light and dark, good and evil, emptiness and form, honesty and denial. If all is infinite intelligence, then all aspects of life are That.

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  • Learning How to Welcome All that is Arising

    We are conscious beings becoming ever more awake to our true nature as Totality. The more we recognize that we are, in fact, pure consciousness, regardless of what is arising, the more we can experience all aspects of ourselves without getting lost, identified, or overshadowed. This includes feelings, sensations, and our lives as they unfold.

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  • Bringing Spirit Down Consciously Into Form

    We are not here to be disembodied spirits. We are here to bring spirit down consciously into form. Spirit inhabiting form and knowing itself as form. Consciousness seems to be be evolving in its capacity to deepen through us – its medium.

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