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  • 4th Spiritual Practice Support Sessions 2022

    A 4-Part Series (5 Hours 30 Minutes)

    ~ This is Susanne’s 4th Spiritual Practice Sessions Group. It is a lovely way to connect with a beautiful Sangha, as well as an opportunity to bring any questions or inquiries you may have regarding your spiritual practice. 

    Some of the times shared have been really beautiful moments.

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    Sobering Up

    Until we know something for ourselves, there is a natural tendency to place our own beliefs over Reality. Shimmering below our perceptions, lies truth, which is simple, sober, and unadorned.

    Waking up takes a willingness to drop one’s ideas about spirituality, come down to earth, entering this moment and your life as it is. Are you ready to stop running from reality and sober up?

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    Living Non-Duality

    At the heart of all the great religious and spiritual (including earth-based), traditions, lies essential truth. Which is that we are one with all life, indivisibly united with everything in existence.

    In Christianity it is said, ‘I and my Father are one’. That is, the substance of our self (and all others), and the ultimate reality of the universe are the same.

    And in Buddhism, ‘Samsara and Nirvana are one’, meaning that there is in truth no difference between form and the formless, between spirit and matter.

    Remembering this fact, is what the heart of spirituality is about, bringing about a deep intimacy with all that arises within one’s body, mind, and life. This opens one up to being at peace with mystery and ambiguity, as the understanding of inner division falls away, leading to a felt sense of interconnection with our fellow human beings, as well as our great Earth.

    Living non-dual reality (the truth of existence), is the topic of this meeting, as we open to the notion of oneness and apply it in an integrated way into the core of one’s life, opening one up to a new perspective which can be life-changing.

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    Befriending The Unknown

    Bare bones truth is that we actually do not know what we are, why we are here, and what one’s spiritual search will reveal. Lying underneath our everyday doing, lives a simple unadorned rightness. To enter its kingdom, one has to befriend the unknown.

    The unknown is our constant companion and lives within every moment of our lives. It is the entry-point that one needs to travel through in order to discover what is authentic and real, containing pure potentiality.

    The unknown isn’t a thing. For this reason entering its domain can generate fear. But once one gains familiarity, it is the most natural and genuine non-experience to be had.

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  • 3rd Spiritual Practice Support Sessions 2022

    A 4-Part series (5 Hours 30 Minutes)

    In this 4 part series, Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travelers, answering questions in depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

    There are some amazing moments shared through these sessions.

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  • Evolution Course #3: Healing Your Relationship With Life

    A five-hour audio course (4 sessions)

    As above, so below.
    As within, so without.

    ~ Hermes Trismegistus

    We are in a reciprocal relationship with nature. What we hold within will naturally be expressed outwardly, in both harmonious and damaging ways. Now is the time to heal our relationship with life so that we can work in cooperation, rather than be in resistance to her laws, thereby harming ourselves and all life in the process.

    Earth is our precious home, and it behooves us to do everything we can to right this ship. In this course, we will look at the beliefs that we hold which entrenches separation from the very Mother whom we are intricately connected to. We will also ground in what unites us, generating a container of prayer for the well-being of the whole.

    ~ The course comes with contemplation exercises, which follow each session and are available in a PDF for download when you complete your purchase. If you do not see this file to download, send an email to:

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    Why Awaken

    Awakening is an evolutionary impulse, serving all life with its perspective of wholeness, inclusivity, and care. Awakening is our birthright, and is a legitimate actualization. Each person contains the potential within themselves. It is not meant to belong to an exclusive minority. It may be the exact medicine the world in its current crisis needs.

    May all beings awaken to their true nature.

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    Prajnaparamita Sutra

    The Heart Sutra:

    Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. Form is not different than emptiness; emptiness is not different than form.

    Emptiness in Buddhism refers not to nothingness, but to the opposite: the interdependence of all phenomena, both mental and physical.

    Form may be empty of a separate self, but it is full of Divine Nature.

    In this meeting, Susanne will explore how this timeless teaching is relevant today.

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