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  • The Great Undoing Retreat 2023

    Over 10 hours (7 Sessions)
    Cost: $115.00

    Join Susanne Marie and a group of earnest, dedicated spiritual practitioners as they take a deep dive into the heart of the simple, direct and ever-present truth that Susanne makes accessible in a clear and unencumbered manner. This course took place at Vajra Vidya Retreat Centre: May 2023. Throughout the course of her 7-day retreat, presented in over 10 hours of audio content, Susanne touches on a range of topics relevant to embodied and integrated awakening.

    Susanne’s simple and precise method of teaching allows one to be honest to where they find themselves and illuminates the path to a more free and natural way of experiencing life. Using direct pointings and somatic and guided meditations, one will explore through direct experience, the spacious quality-less presence of formless awareness, its silent presence both within and without the body, as well as the significance of being human and the challenges it
    presents. With Susanne’s gentle guidance one will be invited to open to the freedom and wisdom of the eternally whole and unconditioned heart.

    Through compassionate instruction, Susanne assists in the process of discovering the obscurations to recognition and bringing all parts of oneself back to wholeness. She encourages the inclusion and honoring of our humanity as well as emphasizing the auspicious opportunity inherent in it. The invitation to discover and abide as one’s true nature is made clear and accessible as well as the practical application of living as that in daily life.

    Susanne’s teachings are an invitation to experience the natural fulfilment and abiding simplicity of one’s self; the contact to which that uncovers the love, peace and joy that is our birthright.

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    Why Awaken

    What happens when we wake up? What is the purpose? What is one’s life like once one has realized?

    And why is it desirable? Is awakening the end, or is there more to be realized?

    In this meeting, Susanne will talk about what awakening really is, and why it draws one to achieve it. The spiritual drive for inner union with our very own selves, is a calling which when honored, is meant to help one lead an integrated life. It is the end of living in a divided way within oneself, and when embodied, helps one to reconcile one’s humanity.

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    The Power of Seeking

    You likely have heard the saying: We get what we most sincerely want. Also: What we place our focused attention on, becomes our reality.

    There is a power that lives within, and that is the capacity to apply focused attention. The ability to harness one’s energies and set one’s sights on manifesting something, emerges out of the gift of life in its aspect of free-will.

    The sincere desire to know oneself, when allowed to fully flower, brings forth the fulfilment of what we are seeking: Our very own selves. The drive to seek arises out of wholeness wishing for all parts of itself to come home consciously.

    ‘Sincerity is key’, is the saying. Which means: If you really want to remember yourself, you will.

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    Coming Back to Basics

    Whether you are an advanced practitioner, or just entering the spiritual stream, one can always use the simple (yet profound), essential teaching of: Stop, Rest, & Allow.

    It is easy to get caught up with flowery or complicated pointers, thinking that realization must be difficult to attain and in the end, meant for the few.

    This is not true. But it does take a certain type of dedication and willingness to unstrip oneself of imagination and avoid the tendency to complicate things, which puts awakening into time.

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    Embodying Soul

    As unique souls we are on an evolutionary journey to embody all that we are capable of. This is the Divine itself being creatively engaged in developing, growing, and reaching its potential.

    When soul has reached its fulfillment, it returns back to where it came from enriching the source of all, which we are one with.

    In this online meeting, Susanne discusses soul as well as its qualities, and how we deepen with its support. It is what guides our spiritual journey.

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  • 4th Spiritual Practice Support Sessions 2022

    A 4-Part Series (5 Hours 30 Minutes)

    ~ This is Susanne’s 4th Spiritual Practice Sessions Group. It is a lovely way to connect with a beautiful Sangha, as well as an opportunity to bring any questions or inquiries you may have regarding your spiritual practice. 

    Some of the times shared have been really beautiful moments.

    For more information on current online events, visit

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    Sobering Up

    Until we know something for ourselves, there is a natural tendency to place our own beliefs over Reality. Shimmering below our perceptions, lies truth, which is simple, sober, and unadorned.

    Waking up takes a willingness to drop one’s ideas about spirituality, come down to earth, entering this moment and your life as it is. Are you ready to stop running from reality and sober up?

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    Living Non-Duality

    At the heart of all the great religious and spiritual (including earth-based), traditions, lies essential truth. Which is that we are one with all life, indivisibly united with everything in existence.

    In Christianity it is said, ‘I and my Father are one’. That is, the substance of our self (and all others), and the ultimate reality of the universe are the same.

    And in Buddhism, ‘Samsara and Nirvana are one’, meaning that there is in truth no difference between form and the formless, between spirit and matter.

    Remembering this fact, is what the heart of spirituality is about, bringing about a deep intimacy with all that arises within one’s body, mind, and life. This opens one up to being at peace with mystery and ambiguity, as the understanding of inner division falls away, leading to a felt sense of interconnection with our fellow human beings, as well as our great Earth.

    Living non-dual reality (the truth of existence), is the topic of this meeting, as we open to the notion of oneness and apply it in an integrated way into the core of one’s life, opening one up to a new perspective which can be life-changing.

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