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  • Magical Mysterious Life

    When we view life with open-hearted wonder and innocence as a child does, we enter the kingdom of heaven that Jesus spoke of. To be here and see the majestic beauty of creation in the midst of our lives (however troubled it and the world is at any given moment), is an art and our birthright.

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  • The Earth Is Our Body

    The way we relate to the Earth as something separate from ourselves is what is causing our current environmental and social crisis.

    If, instead of seeing the Earth as something outside of ourselves, we could view her not only as our home, but as the living substance that unfies all beings and species as our brothers and sisters, then perhaps we can heal this painful rift of experiencing ourselves as separate from nature and from one another.

    The truth is that the Earth is our body, just as our bodies are the Earth. We come from her, and we return to her. Thought and language as well as our ability to self-reflect has created a sense of being separate from our environment.

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  • Opening to Grace

    It is said that grace is always available to us, but do you know how to recognize it when it is here? What does grace look and feel like?
    Together we will explore how to open and welcome grace and feel its divine flow in our lives.

    You don’t have to be a mystic to sense and open to grace. Grace belongs to everyone equally. It is hiding in plain sight. And it may not look the way your imagination tells you that it should.

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  • Fully Embracing Yourself

    Love yourself right now as you are! You are perfect love manifesting as all that is.

    How do you do this? When we openly welcome and embrace ourselves just as we are, rather than waiting for some idealized future, we begin to be available to living life as it is intended.

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  • Loyalty to Truth

    Each one of us is loyal to something. The nature of Reality is that we get what we place our attention on. So if we are placing our attention on what we most know to be true within ourselves and within life, we get more of That. What are you devoted to is the question? If Truth (in whatever form resonates for you), is what you value, Truth will guide and care for you. Learning how to listen and follow Truth’s commands can be a way of life. This helps take us out of the drivers seat and places us in life’s own rhythm and grace.

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  • Body as a Gateway

    Your body is a gateway to your soul, to vast intelligence, to the universe itself, and to the inherent emptiness contained within form. When we fully open in acceptance to all that the body contains, we enter a vast kingdom of deep intelligence full of inherent creativity, as well as the keys to our own liberation.

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  • Honesty & Vulnerability Within Intimate Relationships

    Opening up to love and intimacy takes courage because it leaves one with an exposed and vulnerable heart. As we deepen in the understanding that we are the love that we seek, what reveals itself is the beautiful capacity the heart has to open in spite of feeling vulnerable. By deepening our own capacity to keep leaning into love, we evolve from feeling frightened and at risk of losing our defenses, into a mature and graceful acceptance of life and the encounters we have with each other.

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  • The Body’s Natural Intelligence

    “The body is intelligence itself and if we learn to tune in and listen, we can discover
    our own innate internal guidance system. Everything that we need for own liberation
    is contained within.”
    Susanne Marie

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