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    Why Awaken

    Awakening is an evolutionary impulse, serving all life with its perspective of wholeness, inclusivity, and care. Awakening is our birthright, and is a legitimate actualization. Each person contains the potential within themselves. It is not meant to belong to an exclusive minority. It may be the exact medicine the world in its current crisis needs.

    May all beings awaken to their true nature.

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    Prajnaparamita Sutra

    The Heart Sutra:

    Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. Form is not different than emptiness; emptiness is not different than form.

    Emptiness in Buddhism refers not to nothingness, but to the opposite: the interdependence of all phenomena, both mental and physical.

    Form may be empty of a separate self, but it is full of Divine Nature.

    In this meeting, Susanne will explore how this timeless teaching is relevant today.

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    Love, Serve and Remember

    These three words by Ram Dass’ beloved Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, contain a complete spiritual road map, pointing to how to live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

    In this meeting, Susanne who has been a lifelong devotee of Neem Karoli Baba (along with Amma), will delve into the power and meaning of these living words, and why they for her encompass a full teaching.

    Living a life of truth does not need to be complicated. The best teachers in existence know this. Sometimes three words is all it takes.

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    Spiritual Practice Support Sessions 2022

    A 4-Part series (6 Hours)

    In this 4 part series, Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travelers, answering questions in depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

    There are some real gems in these discussions!

    For more information on current online events, visit:

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  • Spiritual Practice Support Sessions

    A 5-part series (7.5hours)

    In this 5 part series, Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travellers, answering questions in depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

    There are some real gems in these discussions!

    *For those who attended any of the sessions, you are able to receive 50% off. Please contact Susanne using her connect form of this website.

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  • Evolution Course #1: What is Life Asking of Us?

    16 hour audio course (8 sessions).
    Cost: $125.00

    An eight-week, evolution-themed course focusing on five topics vital to helping support our growth and deepening during this time of uncertainty:
    ~ Wakefulness: Accessing and stabilizing connection to the still and timeless reality of your Being in order to support abiding freedom     in the midst of all circumstances.
    ~ Heart-fullness: Connecting and deepening within the unconditional nature of your heart.
    ~ Openness: Allowing for change to occur – the shifting and dismantling of identity.
    ~ Harmonization: The deep listening it takes to re-organize yourself in relation to life; learning how to develop inner harmony, which will translate into outer harmony for the whole.
    ~ Remembrance – Moving Beyond Me/Mine: Moving beyond the illusion and pain that separation causes. This is the evolutionary call of the times, direly needed for our survival as well as the continuance of many species.

    These five themes are especially useful during a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty offers an opportunity to go deeper into oneself, accessing the timeless reality which is stable and constant. This is a time to invite the fruition of your spiritual practice to come forward. If you do not make the inner decision to live from what you know to be true, fear and anxiety can consume you.
    The current invitation from life is to allow the process of dismantling identity (how we define ourselves), and let go of what no longer serves you and others – this includes the illusion of control. This is ultimately for the good of the whole, as the way we are currently living is not sustainable. Life is asking us to rise to the occasion and change.

    ~ The course comes with 8 contemplation exercises, which follows each session. If you would like to receive the exercises, please send an email to:

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    Radical Freedom

    It takes a type of radicalness to become free. If you look historically at all of the masters, they all have this trait in common.

    Initially it might not appear so, especially for those who have gentle personalities, but a little research will usually reveal that they broke free of conventional and mainstream life in some way. In whichever way the relinquishing of perspectives and beliefs and the letting go of behavioral patterns occurs, it’s a courageous act to go against consensus reality.

    Being lost in the world that humans have created, is called Maya. We are the ones who create the overlay that conceals reality. Reality is simply life unobscured. In order to access it, and live in the Natural State, one needs to be committed to uncovering all that we have placed over it. However one does this, returning home is a breaking free of all that we took to be true.

    Grace is a homecoming, a return to what has always been right here. Courage, sincerity, and willingness are key.

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    Divine Timing

    Have you noticed how at times it is very obvious what one is meant to do, and at other times we wade through many attempts, fits and starts, to finally arrive at what we are aiming for?

    This is because the ‘rightness’ of something can take time. Timing is mysterious and moves to the beat of truth, not necessarily according to our personal agenda.
    Life moves according to the laws of nature. The more that the separate sense of self dissolves, life is able to move in an an unobstructive way through You & as You. Meaning: You are no longer in the way of divine flow.

    Just as each seed knows when to germinate and sprout, so does life know how to move as You, and it knows best what you need to evolve.

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