AN Awakening Immersion Retreat:
Truth Unveiled
7 Nights: May 24th-31st
Crestone, Colorado
~ Enrollment now open


Truth Unveiled : 7-Night Crestone Retreat

May 24th-31st, 2024

I am delighted to be offering my second silent 7-night retreat at the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Vidya Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado in May, 2024. It is an opportunity to deepen in your spiritual practice with a loving, embodied, and supportive container. This will be a gathering in a small and intimate non-sectarian space. There will be two group sessions (not silent), a day. There will be a teaching in the morning session, then we will open to questions and dialogue during the afternoon session, The center’s altitude is 8,300 feet and takes place in the Colorado Rockies.We are very blessed as the retreat center is giving an amazing price for private rooms and meals. There are only 16 rooms available within the retreat center, (with off site housing options available), so it will be a small retreat (and filling up quickly).

There is an application process for any new people wishing to attend as I will be checking in with each person to see where you are at with your personal well-being and spiritual journey to make sure it is a good fit. As you may know, retreat energy is a powerful one, and I really wish everybody to be well supported. In fact, the last full day of the retreat will be an integration day where we will have break out groups and time to harmonize.

For new applicants, please send us an email for an application. For those who have already attended a retreat with Susanne, send us an email expressing your interest. 
Email: susannemarieretreat@gmail.com

7-Night Retreat in Crestone, Colorado ~ Truth Unveiled 

Retreat Site Housing & 3 Meals Daily Cost: $90-$100 a night (single private room).
To be booked with Vajra Vidya retreat center once approved.
~ Vajra Vidya’s Website 

~ There is nearby housing off-site once housing become filled at Vajra Vidya.  

Susanne’s Tuition (separate from retreat center boarding cost):

Deposit: $200

  • Let us know via email if you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, which will make it possible for a sincere spiritual practitioner to attend the retreat. Thank you in advance!

Warm blessings,



“Susanne’s teachings are clear, practical, and humorous.  At the same time, she encourages grounded inquiry into our truest nature, allowing for participants to experience expanded awareness.  Many of my long-standing questions about the spiritual path were answered, and my expanded awareness remained when I returned home and continues to deepen. I have read many books and listened to many teachers on spirituality, and have found Susanne’s teachings to be among the most accessible and helpful that I have found.  I recommend the retreat to anyone longing to deepen their experience of their truest nature.”
Athena, Santa Fe


“I had the great good fortune to join Susanne for a week long in-person retreat.  I had worked with Susanne online before, but being in person was a different experience.  Ordinary, miraculous, joyful, powerful, the space on retreat was exquisite.  The container of Vajra Vidya where we stayed was the perfect one for Susanne to facilitate within.  The pacing of life at the retreat center and the times of session and interaction with Susanne made for a generous opening for my soul to expand and explore.  I felt seen and seen through in the most powerful way.  Susanne held the group perfectly and I experienced the teachings and pointings to be personalized and profound.  Susanne is deeply realized and expansive.  The retreat was a priceless opportunity to spend such powerful and proximate time with this caliber a teacher.  I highly recommend working with Susanne online, and if you get the chance, go be in person.  It is an invaluable gift.”
Sarah, Minnesota 


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Coming UP!
In Person Meeting

Hosted by Open Circle Center

February 11th, 2024
Sebastopol, California
2-5pm PT
No Reservations needed.
All are welcome!

For more information, visit Open Circle’s website. 

Crisis, Transformation, and Integration

Join Susanne and friends as we explore the topic of how the impact of crisis can be met within the realm of awakening. Living our daily lives under ordinary conditions, when the unexpected never materializes and is very far from our active mind, often doesn’t reveal undiscovered territory within one’s conditioning.
This reveals itself in its full, if often unwanted, glory when a major incident takes place. The opportunity held within such times of one’s life unearths hidden patterns leading to reactions and behaviors that jump at the opportunity to come to the light and be transformed. Perhaps the first blessing of a major life altering event is being stopped so fully that there is no option other than being fully present to the moment. Another is encountering the beautiful human spirit of generosity and kindness that can help redeem one and in turn open one’s heart.

Similarly, pain and crisis can invite vast reservoirs of capacity to open in surrender to the moment, helping us to see how much we have benefitted from realizations and personal work. It is a blessing to be benefitted by the grace arising out of deep spiritual work. It is like having a spiritual piggy bank that comes in handy when faced with challenging times.

Monthly Online Zoom Meetings w/
Susanne Marie

A monthly meeting is held online via Zoom video with Susanne. Each meeting will start with a talk on a different topic, followed by time to inquire together. All are welcome.

Next Online Meeting: Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
Time: 10am-11:30am PT

~ This is Susanne’s first public meeting since her car accident August 12th, 2023, resulting in 9 broken bones & pelvic surgery.



‘The Word is living, being, spirit, all verdant greening, all creativity. This Word manifests itself in every creature.’

~ Hildegard of Bingen


~ Photos taken from Susanne’s retreats in Taos & events around the world.