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Coming Home Retreat with Susanne

September Residential Retreat in Taos, New Mexico

7- Nights: September 25th-October 2nd
At a beautiful Retreat Center in Taos
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Evolution: What is Life Asking of Us? An 8-week Online Course Focusing on the Opportunity to Evolve, Deepen, Remember, & Harmonize.


Beginning Sunday, April 19th, 10am PT.
Taking place every week on Sunday’s via zoom.
~ Cost of Evolution Course: $325.00
* Sliding scale information found below.

You are warmly invited to join Susanne Marie for an eight-week, evolution-themed course whose weekly meetings will focus on five topics vital to helping support our growth and deepening during this time of uncertainty:

~ Wakefulness: Accessing and stabilizing connection to the still and timeless reality of your Being in order to support abiding freedom in the midst of all circumstances. Evolution is the ability of a species to grow beyond its current condition, and for us, the first step would be waking up and illuminating unconscious aspects of our being, which unwittingly cause harm to oneself, others, and our home, Earth.

~ Heart-fullness: Connecting and deepening within the unconditional nature of your heart. The heart is the great reconciler, where our very human and understandable fears of change and personal life challenges are integrated and transmuted. This includes the collective pain of the whole.

~ Openness: Allowing for change to occur – the shifting and dismantling of identity. With openness, we let go of who we think we are in order to become what we have always been; we teach ourselves how to integrate and move beyond the fear of change, as well as how to work through the limitations we have placed upon ourselves.

~ Harmonization: The deep listening it takes to re-organize yourself in relation to life; learning how to develop inner harmony, which will translate into outer harmony for the whole. Balance is needed to support a leap in our evolution, which is sorely needed for the continuation of all species, including our own. The key to that balance is harmony.

~ Remembrance – Moving Beyond Me/Mine: Moving beyond the illusion and pain that separation causes. This is the evolutionary call of the times, direly needed for our survival as well as the continuance of many species. It is time to wake up to the Oneness that we are, understanding this is of vital importance. Out of Earth, we come, and to her, we return. We are inextricably linked to Nature. We have mostly forgotten this, and it is time for Remembrance to return. It is our birthright and it is life’s deepest calling.

These five themes are especially useful during a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty offers an opportunity to go deeper into oneself, accessing the timeless reality which is stable and constant. This is a time to invite the fruition of your spiritual practice to come forward. If you do not make the inner decision to live from what you know to be true, fear and anxiety can consume you.

The current invitation from life is to allow the process of dismantling identity (how we define ourselves), and letting go of what no longer serves you and others – this includes the illusion of control. This is ultimately for the good of the whole, as the way we are currently living is not sustainable. Life is asking us to rise to the occasion and change.

Of vital importance is the establishment of a state of harmony within the body, as well as within the body of the whole, as the outer reflects our inner state of consciousness (including what we are holding that is unconscious and unprocessed within). Life is a reflection of our inner state and consciousness: “As within, so without,” is a law of nature.

Together we will explore what it means to truly stop and rest within, regardless of what is taking place on the outside.

~ Evolution Course Outline:

* In the weekly meetings, Susanne will lead a guided meditation focusing on the topic at hand.
* There will be time at the end of each meeting for a few questions and dialog with Susanne.
* Suggested contemplations for the week will be given at the end of each session.
* For those interested, I will team you up with a listening buddy to privately meet weekly online (I will explain what this is).
* A one hour private online mentoring session w/ Susanne will be available at a 30% discounted rate.
 * A no-cost to you edited recording of the full course (for your use only), following the completion of the course.

~ Cost of Evolution Course: $325.00

This course is offered on a sliding scale based on your true income (this includes savings and retirement). Since many of us (including myself), are being affected by the current economics, I wish to offer this option for those who truly need it. If you have need of a more substantial sliding scale, please write me and let me know your situation as I wish to offer this course to all who are sincerely interested. Sliding Scale: $250.00 – $325.00

Scholarship Fund Donations: I want everyone inspired to take this course to be able to do so. During this time of financial uncertainty, some might find this challenging. If you have the means to contribute to a scholarship fund for those otherwise unable to enroll, please contact me.

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