How can crisis open us up to the truth of our Being?

Crisis and hardship are potential doorways to enter into the mystery of the unknown nature of reality. Crisis helps us to grow into being fully human and helps connect us to humanity via our hearts. The best use of crisis is to allow it to strip you clean, and to lay bare what is essential.

Learning how to pay attention to what is always noticing

Something is always noticing what is awake and aware right now. Becoming curious about what is paying attention helps reveal what is lying in the background silently witnessing everything. As soon as we become quiet inside, natural beingness is invited forward.

Being in the moment is being with yourself

Every moment is another opportunity to surrender to its totality, to what it is holding. There is something that is still and unchanging no matter what we are doing or what is arising. When you discover that unmoving center then there is an awareness to presence that is present to itself in any given moment.

The sticky nature of negative thinking

There is a tendency in humanity to focus on the negative. Why is this? In truth, in between thoughts there are gaps that we don’t pay attention to. There is space between every single thought. When the space becomes aware of itself, it is called awakening. Consciousness wakes up to itself and as a result, is less glued (stuck) to thoughts. It is liberating and freeing, to know yourself as the backdrop, the space in between the stickiness of thought.