SAND (Science and Nonduality Conference) 2015: Living Beyond Inner Division

The sense of ‘me’ thins out over time revealing our totality with all existence. The experience of being a divided separate self collapses as inner division falls away. This organic process is a natural maturation for each one of us and for humanity itself. As the separate sense of self falls away a unified sense of ourselves as being one with life becomes known which later opens up to simply being life itself.

The Journey, Beauty, and Repercussions of Following One’s Truth

Learning how to listen and follow one’s truth leads to the sense of being in inner alignment with all that is. Our capacity to be able to listen to where universal truth is leading us grows over time. We gain both confidence and trust as the gap closes between what we consider to be our separate small selves and what we are in truth: the whole of creation. The ramifications of following truth are not always cozy or easy. But it is the direction that life is guiding us to follow. And the more we do, the more we know ourselves as that life force, and not as something separate from it. Dropping ideas of how our lives are supposed to look helps wear away the ego’s attachment to control and desire to manipulate Reality.

Falling Away of the Self Center

What is awakening? Awakening is the dissolution of what we believe to be a center to consciousness (ourselves), where the veil of separation that seemingly lies between oneself and others falls away. As more and more people have either glimpses of their true nature, or whether it is an abiding awakening, both individually and collectively we are growing up out of believing we have a self center. Remembering our true nature, we come to the realization that we really are one with everything and eventually see that this is the natural evolution of every single human being to return home as knowing ourselves as pure Being.

The Evolutionary Journey From Being a Thought Based to a Sensing Based Human Being

There is an organic evolutionary journey that Consciousness takes as it moves from being primarily identified as a thought based being to one emerging over time into becoming a sensing based being. This video outlines this natural human development. The self reflective mechanism of mind helps create the sense of being a center of consciousness. This mechanism eases over time as we gain trust and understanding that there is no need to locate ourselves as a center of consciousness. What results is pure operation, pure experiencing, as a movement of life itself rather than as a felt separate sense of self. In the end we know ourselves as being one with nature, with all of creation.

Awakening of the Body: Letting Go of Control (A Personal Account)

A premonition vision foretold another awakening, this time of the body, letting go of the instinctual survival drive of the body. Due to a variety of difficult life events, an unresolvable dilemma spontaneously opened a deep letting go of control radically changing my life. The only thing that my mind could come up with was that a death was coming, perhaps of the body, as it was such a different way of operating. Pure seamless experiencing with no landing place is now the new operating system.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of Equality: The Taboo Subject of Money

Within spirituality almost every area is open to be questioned and looked at publicly, but the topic of money and resources is still very much something that people avoid. There is a combination of shame and also fear for those who either have more than enough and for those who don’t. The deeper that freedom penetrates ones consciousness, the more that every topic is open to be investigated. Unity consciousness levels out the hierarchical field of how one sees life. Within this fresh vision, everyone is deserving of resources and the greed that keeps some with more than they need becomes a topic worthy of exploration.

Sharing a Glimpse of the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity

Last fall I had a deep and spontaneous vision that lasted for over one hour. The details were amazingly visual and the impact was very experiential. I was shown the spiritual evolution of humanity and the incredible intelligence that is guiding the whole journey as we all make our way to Buddhahood or enlightened consciousness. In the end no one is left behind, and this is something we can trust. I was not sure that I would share this publicly, but the impulse arose today to do so. Namaste.

What is the point of remembering our essential nature?

The human being has the capacity to reflect on its own nature which means that we have the capacity to see what we are in truth. What we call the ego is just a mechanisms of the self reflective quality that the mind has when it gets lost in believing in being a separate something. Awakening is seeing through this mechanism and using it in order to see what is actually doing the looking.

Giving ourselves permission to feel the delight in Being itself

Consciousness delights in its very own Being. We have the capacity to feel into this delight and to feel how life itself dances within form. When we tune into what is always here noticing and allowing everything to be, we come in contact with what is naturally already free and in love with itself just as it is.