There Really is No Person

All manifested form is empty at its center. This includes what you take yourself to be, a person. Even though it seems like you are the one feeling, thinking, and have a body, in truth this is not so. The power of inquiry and resting in our true nature helps to break the sticky trance that consciousness has regarding its manifested aspect.

Falling Away of the Sense of ‘Me’

What is truly living this life? Who and what are we? These are the questions that arise when we truly wish to inquire into what is true. The goal of the spiritual life is to have the personal sense of ‘me’ thin out over time. How to know ourselves as all of creation, and still operate and function as a personal self?

The Unconditional Nature of Love

Sharing with you all a recent online Valentine’s Day Open Circle meeting on the topic of the Unconditional Nature of Love. All of life is in love with itself. Unconditional love has the power to transform our relationships with both ourselves and with the world. It is a pre-existing love, it has always been here and always will be.

Is This a Friendly Universe?

Through what lens do we see life? We each have to find out for ourselves whether this is a friendly universe or not. What makes it friendly versus not? Through deeply inquiring into what is true in any given moment, one’s own perspective changes revealing a deeper way of seeing life that is transformative.