Time Happens Within the Timeless

Nothing needs to be resolved in order for you to rest in your unborn nature. There is no need to go looking for a better moment. If our being knows itself consciously as the eternal our lives have a chance to be in alignment with divine flow.

Coming Out of Hiding

Seekers often expect spirituality to result in some sort of perfection, which they never find. True embodied spirituality includes all aspects of ourselves. The light and the dark, the past and the present, and you just as you are, are all welcomed by wholeness. Taken from an online meeting.

The Milarepa Story

A short interpretation of a wonderful story told about Milarepa who was a Tibetan yogi and poet. Taken from an online meeting.

What is My Life’s Purpose?

This type of question often arises out of a confusion of where to place our attention. The secret is: Not to place attention so much on oneself! We complicate our lives with overthinking and analyzing, rather than learning how to tap into spontaneity and the aliveness of what is needed in any given moment.

The World’s Concerns are Our Concerns

When we move beyond our own individual concerns and learn to embrace the concerns of others and of the world as our own, the self center that causes so much individual suffering is eased. What becomes revealed is that we are in fact all of life. A deep caring for the whole emerges the more that we realize that we are all interconnected.

Adyashanti and Susanne Marie on the Falling Away of Self

Join Susanne Marie and Adyashanti in an exploration about an often misunderstood subject. Beyond the traditional landing places that mind creates (commonly discussed in non-dual circles), lies an indescribable landscape of living as pure, direct experiencing. Prior to this opening, the habitual subjective filter creates a veil of separation of which one is not even aware. This is true even within expanded, unified states of consciousness. Once this filter falls away, life is experienced directly, as itself, without any intermediary.