Meeting in Binghamton, N.Y.

A deep and enjoyable meeting touching on a range of topics such as the nature of seeking, engaging the heart, awareness practice and more, with a mature non-dual group which meets regularly with therapist and teacher Michael Hall in Binghamton, N.Y.

Maintaining Inner Harmony in the Face of Life’s Challenges

In these challenges times, it is easy to lose one’s center and thus feel out of balance within oneself. Learning how to maintain inner equilibrium requires opening up to what we are feeling, while remembering the root of our being, from whence we come and to which we are all returning. This excerpt comes from a recent online meeting.

Time Happens Within the Timeless

Nothing needs to be resolved in order for you to rest in your unborn nature. There is no need to go looking for a better moment. If our being knows itself consciously as the eternal our lives have a chance to be in alignment with divine flow.

Coming Out of Hiding

Seekers often expect spirituality to result in some sort of perfection, which they never find. True embodied spirituality includes all aspects of ourselves. The light and the dark, the past and the present, and you just as you are, are all welcomed by wholeness. Taken from an online meeting.

The Milarepa Story

A short interpretation of a wonderful story told about Milarepa who was a Tibetan yogi and poet. Taken from an online meeting.

What is My Life’s Purpose?

This type of question often arises out of a confusion of where to place our attention. The secret is: Not to place attention so much on oneself! We complicate our lives with overthinking and analyzing, rather than learning how to tap into spontaneity and the aliveness of what is needed in any given moment.