What is Open and Free Right Now?

As long as there is suffering on the planet in any form we will feel the collective pain of others and of all creatures. Imagining that suffering permanently leaves as a result of awakening is false. Perhaps in the beginning there is the experience of not being the sufferer (which is liberating), but as realization deepens, a starker truth emerges: that life in its inclusion of opposites is more poignantly felt as resistance falls away.

The more we deepen, the greater our capacity grows to remain present to pain and suffering, and we begin to see that moving away from suffering is a denial of life and perhaps our own current reality.

The full audio titled: Opening to Suffering, is available under Premium Audio on Susanne’s website. www.susannemarie.org

Truth is Simple

The simplicity of our true nature is easily overlooked and discounted as it is the only thing which doesn’t pull on our attention. we enter the kingdom within ourselves quietly and humbly through our inherent innocence. This video clip is taken from a Seattle weekend intensive.

The Timeless Dimension

There is a force within that knows how to live this life. Learning how to attune and open to what is intelligently guiding life is accessing the same power that is guiding the universe. Life in its intelligence knows what it is doing. When we open to what surrender really is, we leave the need to control behind and open to what the beauty of allowance and trust offers.

Life Challenges

Grace Bubeck talks with Susanne Marie – Life Challenges is a new series of live online conversations with
non-dual spiritual teachers who are dealing with challenging situations in their own lives. The intention of
these conversations is to invite teachers to share their experiences and their reflections openly and candidly
so that this can serve as a model and teaching to all of us as to how life challenges can be met in an aware
and awake way, and how they can serve as teachers.

The Feminine Principle: An Evolutionary Necessity

A deep and delightful exchange with Nurit and Gabor Harsanyi – about the importance of recognizing the essential nature of the feminine principle… especially in the act/non-act of shifting into awakening.

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Being a Light Unto Oneself

Nurit speaks with Spiritual Mentor Susanne Marie about the impact of lineage and what to watch out for in the spiritual arena. The two shed light from their own experiences and encourage “Being” as opposed to following blindly a mind-based teaching. For information about Nurit, please visit treeofsilence.com.

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Meeting in Binghamton, N.Y.

A deep and enjoyable meeting touching on a range of topics such as the nature of seeking, engaging the heart, awareness practice and more, with a mature non-dual group which meets regularly with therapist and teacher Michael Hall in Binghamton, N.Y.

Maintaining Inner Harmony in the Face of Life’s Challenges

In these challenges times, it is easy to lose one’s center and thus feel out of balance within oneself. Learning how to maintain inner equilibrium requires opening up to what we are feeling, while remembering the root of our being, from whence we come and to which we are all returning. This excerpt comes from a recent online meeting.