The Root of Seeking

Seeking begins as soon as we feel that we have lost something, and the root of it begins in childhood. Beginning first with the birth of the sense of “I” when we are very young, and then later over the course of one’s childhood, we lose the felt sense of connection to source. Naturally, we long for what we feel we have lost, and we innocently and mistakenly run after things imagining that what we are missing will be found in things outside of ourselves. All the while, what we long for is inside of us, ever present, always available.


We do what is true for us in the moment.

Why do we so often end up not doing what it is that we think we should be doing? This is because we are always doing what we want to do, regardless of how it seems. How do you know this? Because it is what is actually happening. The conflict lies in believing that we should be doing something different, not in actually what we are doing. Being true to ourselves in the moment, is what is important.