A Contemplative Deepening Practice using the Ho’oponopono Prayer

Ho’oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian prayer which helps support one’s understanding that all life is connected, as it restores harmony within and with others. It is unique in its invitation of reconciliation and forgiveness. With this prayer we can open to a larger viewpoint which includes paradox. It is effective in helping neutralize inner pain, as well as a powerful healing prayer for the world. At the core of the prayer is the idea of taking responsibility for more than your personal self because: ‘You are in me, and I am in you’. In this meeting we deepen in understanding of the potential of this prayer, as Susanne Marie walks us through the practice.

This video is taken from an online meeting titled: The Healing Power of the Ho’oponopono Prayer

The entire meeting (with dialogue), is available for purchase under Premium Audio on Susanne’s website. www.susannemarie.org

Collective Fear & The Ho’oponopono Prayer

Adversity offers an opportunity to go deeper into oneself, accessing the timeless reality which is stable and constant. This is a time to invite the fruition of your spiritual practice forward, as well as opening to Divine support. If you do not make the inner decision to live from what you know to be true, fear and anxiety can consume you.

Taken from an online meeting titled: Shifting Identity & Accessing a Deeper Dimension of Being During Adversity.

The full meeting will be available in Premium Audio on Susanne’s website. www.susannemarie.org