A Mothers Day Open Circle Meeting in Berkeley, Part 3

A Mothers Day Open Circle Meeting in Berkeley (in 3 parts). Topics include the falling away of the sense of self (when it is a healthy letting go versus resulting from trauma), as well as letting go of control when it comes to personal will falling away. Resting in the unknown is the general theme of this meeting.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Rick Archer interviews Susanne Marie on Buddha at the Gas Pump. In Susanne Marie’s first interview, she describes how oneness was already known as a child, and how this awareness slowly and painfully ebbed away resulting in a seeker being born and the story of how this was eventually seen through.

Video here.

Receiving One Another – Susanne Marie in Dialog with Reenah Sun

Vulnerability is an entry point into the heart of being. As consciousness evolves, we are given ever greater opportunities to turn towards meeting ourselves more fully. The invitation to meet oneself with love eases the transition as we make a shift from operating out of fear into one of moving from love.

Video here.

Interview with Friends in Presence

From Friends in Presence: “A postcard conversation from two friends in presence, Susanne Marie & Jen Peer Rich talk about recognizing presence in others as actually recognizing the one we all are, and we get down and dirty into the nitty-gritty of presence. We also explore qualities of consciousness coming together in a unique symbiotic intermingling as one love.” Video here.