The Unconditional Nature of Love

Our essential nature, which rests prior to all concepts, is unconditioned Being. When our essential nature is known and felt through the heart, life is viewed through the lens of unity. We feel a deep intimacy with everything. In fact, we appreciate that our “own” essential nature and that of everything are one and the same. This manifests in our behavior and experience as allowance, acceptance, welcoming, and a deeply felt intimacy with what is.

Standing On Your Own Two Feet: A Seattle Evening Meeting

An evening meeting with a Seattle non-dual group which was a prequel to a powerful weekend intensive. It takes maturity and a courageous willingness to come to stop looking outside of ourselves for ourselves. Are you ready to stand on your own two feet, stop wavering and go one pointedly towards what you want?

Berkeley Open Circle Meeting: The Cosmic Body

As we practice resting in that which is prior to content, we strengthen our capacity to know ourselves as all of creation. But first a solid base needs to be established on which consciousness is no longer glued in identification with what it is focusing on. This broadens one’s capacity to sense into oneself as the whole, no longer solely a personal identity, but knowing oneself as everyone and everything.

What Does Meeting in Sacred Mutuality Mean?

Life is evolving, asking us to rise up to embrace our inner autonomy and to meet as equals in service to the whole. The old paradigm of a few teachers serving as ‘wisdom holders’ is ebbing. We are transitioning from a hierarchical way of meeting others in Truth with the teacher on top, to an egalitarian one in which we meet in a circle, inviting each another to express our own knowing, gifts, and strengths. In this new paradigm, the teacher can serve more as a facilitator, supporting participation and helping others to access their own wisdom.

Seattle Friday Evening Meeting: Part of a summer weekend intensive


  • Learning to develop a sense of what is true, a place inside that is already free of pain and already at peace.
  • Consciousness is indiscriminate. It isn’t driven by will force, so it goes wherever attention is placed. When it is placed on awareness itself, it learns to rest as That.
  • There is an evolution to consciousness that is occurring, we are deepening. The embodiment of spirit into matter is a deepening that consciousness is opening up to.
  • Placing attention on the felt sense of ‘I’ helps dissolve the separate self sense. Realization reveals that we are sensing Beings.
  • There are different types of awakening. There is really no end in sight. We all have aspects that are already awakened and open.