The Wisdom of No Escape

Sometimes the only way to be free of something is to allow yourself to be fully trapped. Our desire to escape suffering creates it’s own bondage. Most of us are intially drawn to spirituality with the understandable desire to feel better and in general to be released from suffering.

But this desire in itself playes into the belief that something needs to be done about how we are feeling. that we need to somehow disappear a feeling by replacing it with the bliss or peace, or whatever we imagine freedom to be.

The truth of reality is that all is One. Which means that what you are feeling and trying to escape is part of totality. By wishing something away, we are setting ourselves up to be at odds with an aspect of ourselves. truth is inclusive, meaning that what you are feeling is included in what you are.

The Heart of Compassion

The journey of opening to the suffering of others begins with ourselves. Compassion blossoms with the realization that we are the one responsible for allowing our own hearts to open, and that turning towards our pain rather than away is the key. Once we have the strength to embrace ourselves as we are, then this baility naturally turns ourwards to include the pain of others in our world.