Guided Meditation: Entering into the Embodied Fullness of this Moment

A subtle meditation walking one through feeling into sensation and the energetic signature of what we contain inside. This helps break down the solid sense of self, opening one up to the emptiness contained within form.

Susanne Marie

3rd Spiritual Practice Support 3 of 4

This is the third audio meeting of the 3rd Spiritual Practice Support Group of 2022 (a 4-part series), whereby Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travelers, answering questions in-depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

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The Nuance of Awakening

Dropping Labels, and opening up to the vastness of what we contain, allows for an open-hearted acceptance of all that arises. In this way, the psuh/pull of indentification falls away, including the separate self-sense.

Audio clip taken from Susanne’s recent Evolution Course: Healing Your Relationship with Life.

Maya is Our Teacher

Ultimate fulfilment is not to be found outside of ourselves. It is up to each person to break the trance of being outwardly focused to the point of self-forgetfulness. the wrold of form (Maya), is a beautiful aspect of God. But we are not meant to become lost in it. Rather we are meant to dance with her from a place of integrated wholeness.

Audio clip taken from Susanne’s recent Evolution Course: Healing Your Relationship with Life.

Including all of Life

I very much enjoyed my podcast conversation with Amba. She is very perceptive, and has an authentic voice. We touch on a lot of topics, such as the sense of Self, and how the mind turns itself into an object in awareness. But the main theme is about the evolutionary drive of life (through awakening), to embrace all the aspects of life into its never-ending field of understanding, so that we can know all as ourselves, and act accordingly.

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Invoking Heart Wisdom

In this audio clip, Susanne speaks directly to the unconditional heart, asking for its loving support. The heart is a center of intelligence, and it contains a very clear guidance system. One can learn how to engage the heart energetically, and have heart co-arise with whatever we are encountering, both within as well as with life situations. This assists one in dropping the experience of inner division, as the heart arises from wholeness.
Audio clip taken from Susanne’s 3rd Evolution Course.
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Demystifying Spirituality

We are a seamless part of the wholeness of life, and remembering this timeless truth, is our birthright. Underneath layers of imagination, fear, and doubt, lies our true heart, clarity of vision, and authentic self.
Awakening is the invitation to return home to the natural state. It is an undoing of beliefs, rather than an accumulation.
In this meeting, Susanne deconstructs how we get in our own way, helping to uncover the simplicity of our true nature.