A Meditation Practice: Resting Attention On That Which Is Aware

Being present means resting your awareness (your ability to notice), upon that which it is noticing. In this way, you are aware of something, as well as simultaneously being aware that you are aware. Allow your awareness to meet (and join), whatever you are experiencing. This will be felt as well as sensed, and is not meant to be an intellectual exercise (although mind does play a part). This practice helps bring two things together: Our inherent emptiness (the formless), together with form (all that is arising).

Brian O’Connor and Jonathan Robinson with Awareness Explorers interview Susanne Marie

‘In this episode we talk to Susanne Marie about the experiences of unity and of “no self,” and the role that the heart and softening have in awakening. Includes a guided meditation from Susanne Marie to help open your heart.’ Awareness Explorers YouTube Channel

The Wisdom of No Escape

Sometimes the only way to be free of something is to allow yourself to be fully trapped. Our desire to escape suffering creates it’s own bondage. Most of us are intially drawn to spirituality with the understandable desire to feel better and in general to be released from suffering.

But this desire in itself playes into the belief that something needs to be done about how we are feeling. that we need to somehow disappear a feeling by replacing it with the bliss or peace, or whatever we imagine freedom to be.

The truth of reality is that all is One. Which means that what you are feeling and trying to escape is part of totality. By wishing something away, we are setting ourselves up to be at odds with an aspect of ourselves. truth is inclusive, meaning that what you are feeling is included in what you are.

The Heart of Compassion

The journey of opening to the suffering of others begins with ourselves. Compassion blossoms with the realization that we are the one responsible for allowing our own hearts to open, and that turning towards our pain rather than away is the key. Once we have the strength to embrace ourselves as we are, then this ability naturally turns outwards to include the pain of others in our world.

The Path of Devotion.

Without the engagement of our hearts our spiritual and life journey is dry and barren. Devotion is the ability to reach outside of ourselves with trust that something greater exists than what we ourselves know or understand. This something is the mystery of existence itself. It is divinty inherent within all things. When we lean into trust that there is a greater intelligence guiding our lives, we are able to let go of our limited selves and hand over our need to maintain control and open in surrender.