What is Spiritual Bypassing: Part 3 of 6 an Interview Series

An unconscious coping strategy used to avoid one’s life as it is, and what we contain inside which is uncomfortable. Opening to what is free inside is a beautiful thing, but we are not meant to live in the transcendence, but rather, the calling is to embody realization and integrate it into our lives.

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How do we forget who we are: Part 2 of 6 an Interview Series

The ability to self-reflect creates the sense of being a ‘me’. In this interview, Susanne breaks down how this occurs, and why it is important to look at oneself and life without the filter of a ‘self’.

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Guided Meditation: Entering into the Embodied Fullness of this Moment

A subtle meditation walking one through feeling into sensation and the energetic signature of what we contain inside. This helps break down the solid sense of self, opening one up to the emptiness contained within form.

Susanne Marie

3rd Spiritual Practice Support 3 of 4

This is the third audio meeting of the 3rd Spiritual Practice Support Group of 2022 (a 4-part series), whereby Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travelers, answering questions in-depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

The full 4-meeting series is offered for sale under Premium Audio.

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