Celebrating Our Interconnection

Our desire to remember the truth of our being and the fact that we are one with life, is the spiritual seekers journey. In honor of Earth Day (and everyday), we take the opportunity to remember together our interconnection. Coming back to our true nature is for the most part an individual journey, and yet there are times when community (Sangha), is highly supportive.

There is real connective power contained in group energy, and when the intention is in alignment with opening to Truth, the vibration creates a field in assisting awakening. This is why the Buddha said that it takes: Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma (truth), to wake up to our being.

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The Essential Practice of Stopping

Whether you are an advanced practitioner, or just entering the spiritual stream, one can always use the simple (yet profound), essential teaching of: Stop, Rest, & Allow.

It is easy to get caught up with flowery or complicated pointers, thinking that realization must be difficult to attain and in the end, meant for the few.

This is not true. But it does take a certain type of dedication and willingness to unstrip oneself of imagination and avoid the tendency to complicate things, which puts awakening into time.

*Monthly Online Meetings calendar is found on Susanne’s website (under Events). All are welcome.


Divine Immanence

Divinity dwells within everything in existence. Every rock, tree, creature, and human being is an expression of divine intelligence, incarnate. Earth is birthed out of That and is on her own evolutionary journey, as is the Sun, and each unique soul.

Everything in creation is life in evolution, growing in awareness of what is possible. God is composed of both its transcendent eternal nature, as well as imminent within manifestation. Without form, spirit does not know itself, and has no capacity to expand, deepen, and grow.

Remembering for ourselves the sacredness and value of being here, supports our own incarnation as unique souls, as we are divine sparks emerging out of the cauldron of spirit.

4th Spiritual Practice Support 4 of 4

This is the fourth audio meeting of the 4th Spiritual Practice Support Group of 2022 (a 4-part series), whereby Susanne met with a group of sincere spiritual travelers, answering questions in-depth on a wide range of topics regarding spiritual practice.

Topics in this meeting:
Trauma & Healing
Difference between psychological techniques & being self-led.
The power of being direct.
The elemental energy of anger.
Healthy boundaries.

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Guided Meditation By Susanne Marie: Alchemy

The rise and fall of the sense of you emerges out of the vast ocean of Self. Dropping below labels and becoming the dancing molecules of vibration, allows you to become more diffused with your sense of self, opening you up to inner harmonization and liberation. The true meaning of alchemy is going from the gross to the subtle, and the transformational process that ensues.

Recorded live at Susanne’s Taos Retreat, September 2022.

There is No Center to Me

The first step in non-dual realization is discovering that there is no center to the sense of ‘me’. This understanding grows the more we let go into the unknown.

Video clip taken from an online meeting titled: Living Non Duality.

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A Period of Deconstruction

For many there is a transitional time between feeling like a ‘doer’ and living life without having a sense of self. This is a period of deconstruction where what we have taken to be falsely true about ourselves and the world goes through a filtering process, so that what is real can emerge and be lived.

Video clip taken from an online meeting titled: Living Non-Duality.

Available for sale under Premium Audio on Susanne’s website.


What was Awakening like as a parent? Part 6 of 6 Interview Series

In this final conversation with CLJ, Susanne speaks about parenting during the time of her awakening period as the deconstructing of her personal self was taking place.

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