Unwavering Devotion

There is a very simple method to realizing your true nature, and that is in order to wake up and have truth stabilize within, you have to not only desire it with your whole heart, you also have to one pointedly work towards it.

There is a saying in Zen that the Buddha lies at the base of the hedgegrow. What this is pointing to is that truth is locatable, bit in order to find it, you are required to sincereley look. Realizing truth is not held outside of you, found within teachings on YouTune, or dispensed solely by grace. Truth is locatable and resides in a grounded way, within you.

The Indian spiritual teacher Nisargadatta said that sincerity is key, which couldn’t be more true. It is vital to look for yourself to see whether you contain the sincerity needed to be unwaveringly devoted. When such devotion is cultivated, the goal is a forgone conclusion as our focused attention is the power that is required.

In this meeting Susanne speaks honestly about what is required to realize truth, including guidance as to where to place your attention. If you are already clear on your personal inner guidance, this meeting will support you in further deepening into the unfoldment of Truth.