Trusting the Process

In order to advance spiritually, we do need to open in trust to the inner guidance that is intent on bringing you back home to your undivided true nature. In this meeting, you are invited more fully into letting go of control, so that divine intelligence can support your inner unfoldment.

A poem from Shar which emerged following the online meeting:

One day walking life, next moment walking life. One day loving life, next moment loving life.
Breathe, fill the lungs & release. Same day every day, yet, each day blossoms so differently.
As rhythm of moment blossoms so differently.
Once you walk through the door. Life is life, yet life not life.
The one that angered, now let go of. The one that irritated, now let go of.
Mind now a moment passing away.
Mind another day lived, another day loved, another day being home as is,
no holding, just living wildly.

poem- Sharkatana