Crisis, Transformation & Integration

Susanne and friends exploring the topic of how the impact of crisis can be met within the realm of awakening. Living our daily lives under ordinary conditions, when the unexpected never materializes and is very far from our active mind, often doesn’t reveal undiscovered territory within one’s conditioning.

This reveals itself in its full, if often unwanted, glory when a major incident takes place. The opportunity held within such times of one’s life unearths hidden patterns leading to reactions and behaviors that jump at the opportunity to come to the light and be transformed. Perhaps the first blessing of a major life altering event is being stopped so fully that there is no option other than being fully present to the moment. Another is encountering the beautiful human spirit of generosity and kindness that can help redeem one and in turn open one’s heart.

Similarly, pain and crisis can invite vast reservoirs of capacity to open in surrender to the moment, helping us to see how much we have benefited from realizations and personal work. It is a blessing to be benefited by the grace arising out of deep spiritual work. It is like having a spiritual piggy bank that comes in handy when faced with challenging times.