I became a seeker at the early age of seven. I felt like I was engaged in a losing battle with the conditioned trance of the adult world, rendering the felt sense of unity I had throughout my childhood for the most part, unconscious. I sought for that lost part in various ways over the course of my young adult life, leading to the study of yoga, meditation, and consciousness. Finding a direction that helped make sense of my life was a relief to my system. My goal was a return to wholeness.

Over time, I was led to a few remarkable teachers and teachings, as well as a variety of difficult life lessons which eventually cast me onto an empty shore where I could not sustain beliefs – even in what spirituality could give me. For a long time, accrued conditioning, both my own as well as collective, fell away as I unraveled back to essential nature.

Many realizations have occurred over the years, and I can now say that we humans are both more simple and more complex than I could have imagined. For seeking to end is a relief. Remembering intrinsic wholeness is a grace and helps make life meaningful. The revelation of the emptiness of true nature, while we move and live simultaneously as a human being, is a miracle and mystery – one for which I am grateful and which leads to my sharing.

The best word that describes this truth for me is “remembering,” because this is what I have always been. Only now, it is becoming ever more conscious of itself in a human life.

I see life as my primary teacher. To me Earth (including the natural world) is a wise and conscious Being of which we are a part. I am naturally mystical in nature, and even though realization of essential nature simplifies and sobers one up (serving to help one learn how to be here without the layers of imagination), I also seemingly have the capacity to open up to other dimensions and worlds (through visions and dreams, etc.), with the ability to engage expanded awareness. I live, parent, and work in Northern California offering spiritual mentoring support to those who feel called to work with me.


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I feel that sitting and chatting with you is what it might have been like to chat with someone like Zen Master Ryonkan. Just warm tea, a cozy fire, and wisdom flowing naturally while the snow falls outside under the bright moon’.

Eoin Glynn, Ireland