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‘The wind of God’s grace is always blowing, but you must raise your sails’.



What is spirituality about for you? What draws you to wish to deepen within yourself? What beliefs do you hold that help create suffering and which reinforce your feeling separate from life? These are some of the questions that I am interested in dialoguing with you about, exploring together more deeply what may be holding you back from living what you know to be true, and thereby having this knowing manifest itself on the outside as action and authentic living.

You can trust life to show you where your attention needs to go next.

As a natural intuitive and empath as well as someone who has traveled many landscapes within the spiritual journey, I will attempt to meet you right where you are, and help support you in further opening up into where life is directing you to go. Whether you are beginning to become aware of the fact that you feel separate from life or the understanding of interconnectedness is already deepening within you and you desire continued guidance in exploring this new territory, I will be a supportive guide in whatever phase you are in as the evolutionary drive of enlightenment works its way in your life.

Life is our ultimate teacher. While it’s true that being stripped naked of imagination by life’s challenging lessons can be a difficult pill to swallow, it’s equally true that it can be a major catalyst to healing and awakening. Life can be both beautiful and difficult, and accepting this contradiction without drawing a line between them or attempting to push the difficulties away becomes a means of embodying new possibility. Each new challenge that arises is an opportunity to turn what we once perceived as adversity into true living beauty. This opens us to a life that is constantly and creatively revealing itself, never remaining any one thing, as the awakened consciousness is always fluid and in motion.


Longing is a song consciousness sings to itself, in order to help it remember its way home.
Trace the longing back to its source. It is a thin thread of truth extending its arm out to itself.
Follow this thin thread backwards, retracing its journey from the known, back to the unknown,
where it was birthed, where all things are birthed.
~Susanne Marie


‘Susanne is not only a spiritual teacher but also a true healer. I have been working with Susanne for over a year now and it has been a period of deep healing and transformation. She is able to connect and communicate on many levels and she does so with absolute care, softness and compassion. I honor her work and the loving environment she provides is both consoling and nurturing.
Susanne speaks her truth with humbleness and respect. She does not force her teaching or opinion in anyway and she is always willing to listen and give space for clarity and healing. I believe the world is in need for the feminine wisdom to arise and be part of our growth and evolution and Susanne offers that with absolute tenderness and loving-kindness.’
~ Ray, Australia

~ Disclaimer:

Working with Susanne, including during a private session, is not a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Please seek help from a healthcare professional if that is what you need. You are fully and solely responsible for the information you provide to Susanne and for your interpretation of her advice and guidance.