The sticky nature of negative thinking

There is a tendency in humanity to focus on the negative. Why is this? In truth, in between thoughts there are gaps that we don’t pay attention to. There is space between every single thought. When the space becomes aware of itself, it is called awakening. Consciousness wakes up to itself and as a result, is less glued (stuck) to thoughts. It is liberating and freeing, to know yourself as the backdrop, the space in between the stickiness of thought.

What happens when we tell the truth?

Spiritual seeking is a dance that we do because we are not quite ready to tell the truth. It is a distraction to feeling what it is that you are really wanting. It is so important to tell the truth of what you are longing for. When we tell the truth, we bridge the gap back to our true nature. Before you became anything, you were the unknown. Let yourself be swallowed up by what you are afraid of.