Honesty & Vunerability Within Intimate Relationships

Opening up to love and intimacy takes courage because it leaves one with an exposed and vulnerable heart. As we deepen in the understanding that we are the love that we seek, what reveals itself is the beautiful capacity the heart has to open in spite of feeling vulnerable. By deepening our own capacity to keep leaning into love, we evolve from feeling frightened and at risk of losing our defenses, into a mature and graceful acceptance of life and the encounters we have with each other.

The Gift of Surrender

There is a force within that knows how to live this life. Learning how to attune and open to what is intelligently guiding life is accessing the same power that is guiding the universe. Life in its intelligence knows what it is doing. When we open to what surrender really is, we leave the need to control behind and open to what the beauty of allowance and trust offers.