Remembering Wholeness

Be the yearning that turns back to look at itself, as it is your very own self calling you home. Seeking is a drive from source to unite itself back with its intrinsic wholeness. It longs for something that is put outside of itself, innocently, when we were very young. So, essentially seeking is propelled by the memory of wholeness. What does it long to make whole? It’s imagined lost part. We long for something already inherently known. Follow the longing back to its root. Your own searching is a self-created journey as you remember your way Home.

In conversation with NW Spiritual Living

Sharing with you a delightful conversation with Danny and Sherry who are part of a wonderful Sangha in Seattle.

The Topics in this audio include:

* The human experience.
* Open vs. awakened- the use of language.
* What I feel is my greatest contribution.
* What is transmission?
* Defining moment of emerging as a spiritual ‘teacher’.
* Spiritual experiences in childhood.
* Possible pitfalls along the spiritual path.
* Sudden vs. gradual awakening.
* What are my biggest character strengths & my achilles heel?
* The development of siddhis (powers).