Susanne MarieLiving Life as Life Itself


Lovely to meet you here. Each of us is a living, breathing, mysterious miracle of life. We are all born with the desire to live our life as our natural authentic selves. The answers to what we seek lie within each of us – kernels waiting to germinate. As an empath and spiritual mentor, I offer support in your journey of self-discovery, helping to unravel and reveal whatever is impeding the natural movement of love and wisdom within your own consciousness to surface and be seen.

I also offer mentoring for those who find themselves in what is often called the embodiment phase, learning to live life as Reality. The transition period can last a good while and support may be needed as old conditioned patterns fall away as we learn to live, speak, and act from Wholeness in all areas of our lives. In truth, life continues to expand and deepen, as we are in constant self-discovery.

This site contains free videos, podcasts, audios, and writings – all expressions of my own inner discovery and continuing evolution. I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm blessings, Susanne Marie


Susanne Marie is a hidden gem. Not to you, because you’ve found her website. But to the many people trying to sort through the plethora of contemporary spiritual teachers to find one who is deeply realized, unpretentious, well-integrated, empathetic, and accessible. I hope more of them find her. Unlike actual gems, that won’t diminish her value. It will just spread the light, love, and wisdom which she has so genuinely uncovered within herself, which is why I started Buddha at the Gas Pump in the first place.

I am often asked who I recommend, among all the people I’ve interviewed. I usually say that there are many wonderful people, and you should go with those with whom you feel an affinity, but then I mention a few who have become good friends. Susanne Marie is high on that short list.’

Rick Archer, Buddha at the Gas Pump 


~ There is only life living itself, life seeing itself, life hearing itself, life meeting itself as each moment.

Susanne Marie offers teachings in support of freedom, meeting in sacred mutuality, and celebrating our common essence of Love and Unity with all life.